Moving Continents

While I’m certainly not the natural force that busted Pangaea up into continents…my family has had its share of cross-continental moves.  We receive interesting looks when my 5 year old announces that he’s lived on 3 continents and most recently hails from Africa.  Or when my 9 year old talks about feeding the lions raw meat.  I find it to be a well-rounding life experience for them to be so malleable and movable.

We wouldn’t change a thing about our lives.

Except one.

We miss our extended family.  So, three months ago, as we packed our house and prepared to leave Uganda for a move back to the United States, we were indeed very very sad.  And at the same time we were very very excited to see all of our family that we’d missed over the past few years.

And then we had to say goodbyes to those we love the most…our Miss Dorothy.  This was an especially hard goodbye.  I was a sobbing mess by the end of it.


Miss Mary




And once again we were very very sad.  I spent my last day in Uganda watching Queen of Katwe with Dorothy and Mary.  I felt like they needed a special day.  We had popcorn and treats…drank sodas and all gathered around my computer screen (since everything else was packed and shipped) and watched a movie about Uganda.

They loved it.  Their take from the movie was that they needed to be stronger women and stronger mothers who can help their children excel even more.  I wished I could infuse them with the knowledge of how powerful they truly are.  They are resourceful, smart, strong and have survived extreme poverty and hardships that first world country residents can’t truly comprehend.

And then the next day we took an Embassy transport to the airport.  We stopped along the way for one last rolex (rolled eggs in a tortilla…a favorite Uganda meal of ours) and watched out the van windows as the dusty crowded streets of Kampala raced by one last time.

Mr. Chucklehead, Munchkin, Lil’ Man and I boarded a plane at 2PM on January 18th.  It was a perfect 85 degrees with a breeze from lake Victoria blowing my hair as we walked from the concourse to board the plane on the tarmac.


I watched out the window as the lush green canopy and deep red earth moved further and further from my view.  It was all I could do to not cry again.

Despite it being three months later…I still miss my beautiful Uganda.  I’ve already grown accustomed to the American way of life…Grocery stores that are well stocked and overwhelmingly huge…roadways that are organized and paved…dishwashers!

But I’d leave it all behind for another year or two in Africa.  It will be the “experience of a lifetime” they told us.

They were right.