Confessions of this Homeschool Mom

Force Five Shadow Warriors School for Ninja Geniuses is in Session!

The longest school name EVER.

But, it’s a tribute to the glory years of Munchkin and Lil’ Man’s father.  You know…the 1980’s when he created his own letterhead on his dot matrix printer, set himself up  a business wholesale account using that letterhead as a 17 y/o teenager and then sold ninja gear out of his high school locker.  He is the original Force Five Shadow Warrior.  Yeah….that guy…aka Mr. Chucklehead…

Oh wait…this is his Eddie persona from Rocky Horror Picture Show….I know I’ve got the Ninja photo around here somewhere…

Confession #1 – I don’t want to get out of my PJs

I’m writing this blog the day before and I’m posting it a week later.  I know…writing the day before is the best way I know how to procrastinate all the stuff I know I have to do and still look like I’m being productive while posting it a week later just means I have time to reflect on what I wrote in my panic.  I had so many hopes and dreams for today and even started out pretty well with making the bed and laundry and getting the kids courses assigned on Khan Academy.  Then it was time to get out of PJs and I’m just not ready to do it.  What better time to blog?

Confession #2 – My school room is still a mess

I tried.  I tried to get it organized and cleaned up, but the reality is that I have TOO MUCH STUFF.  I LOVE back to school shopping.  I love new notebooks and binders and composition books.  New pencils and plastic pencil cases and erasers.  I love this stuff.  I love the art paper and brand new crayon tips.  I didn’t even get to do much of that this year because I still have so much stuff I don’t NEED anything new.  That is a major letdown.  So…we’re using it all up this year so we can go back to school shopping next year!

This is a no judging zone.  Ha!


Confession #3 – I have too much curriculum

 (…said no homeschool mom ever.)  Truth be told I’m not sure what to do with all the school stuff from previous years.  I keep thinking I’ll scan it in or something, but no, I won’t.  Then I think I should keep some of the stuff Munchkin made for Lil’ Man to use, but half the fun of the different lessons is making it yourself….like the digestion track system that Munchkin and I made showing the process of food in your body way back when she was 5…Yeah…almost 5 years ago and I just found it in a box of old curriculum…The reality is that I just need to get rid of it.  I need to toss those bits of papers from Munchkin’s preK and Kindergarten years…and be ok with recycling her Maths notebooks from Level 1A and 1B.

Digging deeper I know that part of my hesitation is the feeling that I’ll need PROOF that I taught my children something in this unconventional schooling decision of mine.  KInd of silly, right?  Especially when the proof is Munchkin herself and Lil’ Man too.  Between the two of them I’ve got a couple of Ninja geniuses.


Confession #4 – My school schedule is way too busy

I have looked at it 100 times and I know its too busy, but I don’t feel like I can cut anything out right now.  My philosophy is that it will sort itself out as we go, right?  Is that the lazy way of thinking?  I do know that I’m hitting every educational need (plus some) for these kids…and I’ve got in field trips and hiking time each week…and horse back riding, ballet, tiger cubs…

A week later update….Yep…Its sorting itself out and will continue to sort itself out.  Especially when I’m blogging during Geography time.  Whoops…

Confession #5 – I need a break from my kids some days

I KNOW.  That’s a big one.  I mean….I CHOSE this, right?  I WANT to be with them constantly, right?  Hate to tell you this, but NOPE.   You know a mom needs a break when she’s using the Google to search things like, “minimum age to leave kids alone” and “TX latchkey laws.”  Weirdly enough…only three states have laws….Texas is not one of them.  Illinois is crazy.  Kids have to be FOURTEEN.  I was babysitting at 12….living in Illinois would have severely cut my money-making abilities as a kid!

Upcoming post is all about ideas on how to take a break from each other during a homeschool day…and still be productive.  No…blogging during geography is NOT one of them.  This is admittedly a total “homeschool mom fail” moment as I let them play Wii for an extended post-lunch break so I can get this blog up….What can I say….limited hours means sacrificing.  It’s not like I don’t drag my kids around the world on a regular basis…right?


So….homeschool moms who just finished their first weeks of school…how is it going?  Are you surviving?  Anyone want to make a confession in the comments?  I know there are some good ones just waiting to be shared!

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  1. We should totally interview each other!

  2. Oh my gosh…same! I kept binders and binders of work. Not gonna lie, it kept me going some days. Whenever I felt we weren’t doing enough, those binders served as physical reminders that we had indeed accomplished something. It wasn’t until they were in middle school that I let it all go! #straighttotherecyclebin

    • Post Author Chuckleheads

      Ha! So I’m not the only one. Yes they do serve as a reminder. I’m having a hard time parting with them. I figure I’ve got a two year stint here in TX….I’ll sort it out by then! Nothing like procrastinating!

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