Practical and Sensible

When I was younger….much much younger….I longed to be described as smoky and mysterious. Alas, my practical logical nature did not lend itself well to being a puzzling, perplexing or enigmatic woman. Instead I am described as practical, sensible, and logical. *sigh* So much for my life of intrigue.


I’m pretty sure that my non- mystifying nature has something to do with my father’s complete collection of Louis L’amour books. I devoured them as a child…probably right during those formulative years…over and over again. There was something about that strong shotgun carrying woman you find in a good western with her long hair and skirt flying in the wind as she protects her land and her family. Always a very sensible straightforward no-nonsense women. I thought she was fabulous.

Except for those long skirts they wore. Nothing sensible about those long thick multi-layered skirts. I get it….the whole role women had in the 1800’s, but seriously…those skirts while they are milking cows, plowing and harvesting and riding horses. Ridiculous.

I’ve come to terms with my sensible decision-making abilities. They have provided me a good life if not one of desperate and dangerous circumstances. Or a shotgun.

Atticus poem


And then I found Atticus. He’s just a boy who write little tidbits of poetry or whimsical notes or scribbles of thoughts that run through his head. I found him on Instagram. He’s a social media sensation….one who is relatively unknown then one post goes viral and the next thing you know…you’re a Guy Fawkes wearing masked man who is reading your own version of poetry at bookstores around the world.

Atticus poem

Why do I love these deliciously written little notes? Admittedly this is probably not great poetry that will last the ages like a Shakespear Sonnet or a free verse by Walt Whitman. Instead you might think his writing is closer related to a twitter feed sentence or something you put on your letterboard when you are needing inspiration or a pinterest meme that catches your attention one day.

Who cares.

atticus poem


Atticus is that guy who understands all those broken bits and self-doubt and imperfections that we agonize over. The parts that make us not pretty enough or smart enough or strong enough or …enough. Atticus takes those fears and doubts and tears and makes them beautiful and magical and strong.

Atticus poem

And so I take my daily dose of Atticus because it makes me smile.

Feel good.







atticus poem

Everyone can stand to have a little more of all that in their life.

Atticus poem