Home Sweet Texas

When I was younger, like 10 years old younger, I would make the same New Year’s resolution each year. I promised that I would write in my journal and record all the wonderful things that happened that year.

My favorite entry says, “I will write in my journal every “

That’s it.

No end to the sentence…not even a period.

I share that with you to attempt a lame excuse at my lack of current blogging prowess. We left Uganda…two years ago!

I spent 4 months in Oregon renovating and selling a house then moved to Texas in June 2018 and haven’t written a word since.

And so, on this 10th day of January 2020, I am here to say that I will write on my blog once every…”

Fill in the blank.

Won’t that be a fun surprise for all of us?

One thought on “Home Sweet Texas

  1. Love. So true for so many of us.

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