About the Chuckleheads

Whether on purpose or by accident you just found yourself at the start of a new adventure.  

My Chucklehead life is the musing thoughts and crazy adventures of my nomadic family of five as we make our way around the globe.  Why do we do it?  Something tells me it’s for the same reason you found us…

A.  The wanderlust lives deep inside

B.  So many cultures and so little time

C.  It makes us better people.

D.  We think to ourselves….what a wonderful world.

E.  All of the above.

Plus THIS.  You don’t just find this sitting at home on your couch…unless you are reading My Chucklehead Life and then kudos.  You’ve just been enriched.

As a travel junkie, writer, homeschooler, expat, Army wife, mother and so much more I’ve created a home for all chucklehead travelers to unite.  Come and take a peek…if you like adventure, laughter and interesting people and places you’ve come to the right place.

Meet our cast of characters:

Mrs. Chucklehead. 

Call me sassy.  Call me stubborn.  Call me adventurous.  I’ve longed to be called smoky and mysterious my whole life, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Instead you can also call me sensible, practical and organized or maybe we just skip the opinions altogether.  I’ve been blogging since 2003, but only recently decided it was time to leave the corporate world of writing and strike out on my own personal quest focusing on the two things I love the most…traveling the world and my chucklehead family.  We don’t always do it right, but we do it with passion!  Join us on our adventures!


Soldier, father, and patriot.    You may have seen him break dancing, doing random robot moves, arguing vehemently on Facebook about nothing important or watching Weird Al videos.  We’ve seen multiple deployments and long separations…sometimes it feels like we are oil and water…He is the dreamer and I am the thinker.  He is the spender and I am the saver.  But there is one thing I know for sure…Mr. Chucklehead (a.k.a Chief) is the love of my chucklehead life.

Chief and I clean up real good.


A beauty that’s all around amazing.  She’s smart.  She’s interesting.  She’s artistic.  She’s kind.  She started out  in our one of a kind Force Five Shadow Warriors School for Ninja Geniuses homeschool.  Two years in an International school shaped her love for adventure.  She’s a dreamer like her daddy – twirling around a soccer pitch practicing ballet rather than chasing the ball.  She’s a writer like her mama – already winning local contests with her short stories. LOVE her.

Lil Man.

There is no lack of personality in this lil man of ours.  He has inherited his daddy’s charm and chattiness.  When not petting large boa constrictors  or chasing geckos just get him started cracking jokes, dancing to a funky groove, or belting out a new song he’s learned (Head, shoulders knees and toes in French is the latest) and you will find he’s the epitome of awesome sauce .  Ninja kicks quickly become snuggle bug hugs and his quick-to-ignite temper makes way for sweet nothings about mama and daddy being his best friends in the whole wide world.   LOVE him.


Our adopted rescue pup from Alabama.  He was born in April 2014.  He likes digging, rolling in dirt, scratches and snuggles and treats.  He never licks, but will sniff your mouth thinking about it for as long as you’ll let him.  Despite being told he was rescued with a Beagle mother, we think he’s a cattle dog mix although he’s been called a German Shorthaired Pointer enough times for us to question his lineage.  We love our mixed-heritage pup dearly.